Strategic Growth in the Retail Sector

In 1997, the C.A.Papaellinas Group expanded into retail by creating the Beauty Line cosmetics and perfume chain. Beauty Line stores are today the largest chain of cosmetics and perfume stores in Cyprus, with 14 stores in central locations on the island.

In 2010, the group expanded further into retail with the creation of HealthLine, which manages Holland & Barrett's health and wellness store. Today, there are 11 Holland & Barrett stores in Cyprus and a further expansion of the network is planned.

In 2013, the group of companies acquired the distribution of Yves Rocher products, the number one brand of botanical cosmetics in France. Yves Rocher is the only international brand of cosmetics that controls the total production of its 700 products, from cultivation to use, with 30 million customers in more than 90 countries. There are 6 Yves Rocher stores in Cyprus, and the products are also in the Selekt stores.

 In 2015, the company launched its own retail chain Selekt, a new concept store providing to its customers the opportunity to buy a selection of beauty and foodstuff brands, exclusive imports of C.A.Papaellinas, in a contemporary and beautifully designed environment. There are currently 2 Selekt stores in the main cities of Cyprus, and plans for further expansion.

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