Non Prescription Products (OTC)

We provide healthcare professionals and customers with a wide range of healthcare products. Our healthcare products include OTC products and other well established products, such as cosmetics, beauty and personal care products.

OTC products do not require a medical prescription. Our OTC range includes pain & ache relievers, products that cure or prevent diseases as well as products that manage recurring health problems. In Cyprus, OTC products are sold in pharmacies.

As a company, we emphasise both the offering ofhigh quality services andthe establishingof relationships with healthcare professionals as well as building brand loyalty with our customers.

Our sales team visits pharmacies on a regular basis to implement commercial policies and ensure proper product presence.

An experienced marketing team is responsible for building brands that customers trust and prefer, and promoting the values of our brands in order to increase market share and sales.

When appropriate, a promotional team is used to support sales and customer education.

Registered OTC products are supported by the company’s regulatory and pharmacovigilance department. All products are distributed to pharmacies by PharmacyLine.

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