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Aiming at balanced and sustainable growth

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the biggest challenge businesses face today. This is not a simple technological upgrade or modernisation but a matter of survival.

C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group began its digital transformation journey in November 2019. Its initial purpose was to highlight those areas which the company should focus on and proceed with their immediate digitalisation. It was clear that it would have been a long journey, with important milestones along the way. The core objective was to optimise, simplify and automatise the Group’s daily operations, with the introduction of practical and effective tools, leading the Group in the harmonised digital age.

Through our digital transformation journey, our vision, “To make more and more people live and feel better”, has become a stable and consistent model reinforcing even further our relationship with our customers, our employees and associates. Through our strategy, we strive to make drastic and major changes aiming at the balanced and sustainable development of our Group. We primarily focus on encouraging and boosting innovation, strengthening teamwork culture, empowering human resources and, most certainly, optimising our customer experience.

In retail, we focused on projects that aim to improve our customers’ experience and communication with us. Beauty Line has been a pioneer in the use of Mobile App, offering an integrated customer experience. In addition to making purchases, consumers can redeem their card’s points, book appointments with our stores’ makeup services, acquire the My Benefits e-gift card, or even simply stay up-to-date with the latest trends through our blog. Customer relationship management is a high priority for the Group, and technology was once again part of the solution. We installed Footfall and Heatmap systems in our stores, in order to collect more customer insights so that we can meet our customers’ exact demands. We upgraded our CRM software to implement even more targeted marketing strategies, build stronger customer relationships, and further improve our interaction with the consumers who entrust us with their purchases.

We replaced paper receipts with digital receipts (e-receipts) sent via email or SMS, we replaced printed ads with digital screens and adopted mobile POS for a faster and easier customer service during payment process. The entire philosophy of our retail is based on the proper knowledge of the products and the provision of quality customer service. Therefore, the constant training of our staff is considered primary requisite. The digital transformation of employee training and development has been achieved through the business application and the creation of an e-learning platform. eLearning has largely replaced live seminars and training courses, enabling our staff members to continue their personal development and improve their knowledge through their smartphone.

In an effort to respond to today’s challenges in healthcare, we have further strengthened the role of medical representatives by providing them with the leading CRM tool, Veeva platform. Veeva provides advanced scheduling and coordination functionalities for medical representative visits and allows medical representatives to interact with Health Professionals not only in person. At the same time, we have adopted a custom-made B2B platform to facilitate our communication with the pharmacy network. Through the platform, pharmacists can be informed about products and offers while placing online orders to our warehouses for immediate delivery.

Both electronic signatures and electronic invoicing have been well integrated into our daily routine. We have installed Robotic Process Automation for all repetitive tasks, making time for more quality work. At the same time, we have begun the process of analysing and leveraging company data using Power BI and building an internal structure for Data Analysis. We have introduced the Blue Jam internal communication and interaction platform, offering the Group’s staff members new information and interconnection channels. We have adopted the digital work card, with which employees verify their attendance in the workplace with an app, while digitising almost all HR functions such as evaluations, leave applications, research tools, recruitment forms, etc.

For C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group, digital transformation is a pivotal challenge of strategic nature. Therefore, the implementation of such a strategy is achieved through an integrated planning of actions and decisions ensuring the Group’s sustainable and balanced growth.

Maria Germanou, Chief Operating Officer

Maria Germanou, Chief Operating Officer