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The Importance of Proper Nasal Hygiene for our Health!

On Thursday, 1st February, an educational presentation for colleagues was held at our Group’s headquarters on “The Importance of Proper Nasal Hygiene for our Health!”. The medical representatives of the Pharma Division Evi Olympiou and Dimitris Protogerou informed the audience about the importance of good breathing in our overall health and well-being, as well as about the ways in which we can improve our health through practicing proper nasal hygiene and, in particular, through nasal irrigation with PHYSIOMER® seawater.


Indeed, our Breathing, this seemingly simple act of the body, is synonymous with life itself. It is the first thing we do when we arrive in the world and the last thing we do before we leave. It happens unconsciously about 20,000 times a day. Good breathing helps our body’s tissues and cells to be better oxygenated, increases our energy levels and reduces physical and mental fatigue, provides us with a greater sense of mental clarity, relaxes the body and mind, and helps us sleep better.

We, humans, are designed to breathe through our noses from birth (nasal breathing). This is because it is the job of the nose to filter and clean the air we breathe, and humidify and warm it to body temperature. However, many different factors can negatively influence proper nasal breathing.

Every day we breathe millions of viruses and bacteria, dust particles, pollutants as well as allergens (from pollen, plants, animal hair, mold) which are aggravating factors for the airways. In this context, proper nasal cleansing, just like handwashing, is not just an act of maintaining good personal hygiene, but a true aspect of our daily healthcare and wellness routine.

Proper nasal hygiene:
Provides protection to the entire respiratory system of both children and adults, preventing the spread of germs and viruses to other organs of the body, such as the eyes, ears, larynx and, consequently, bronchi, thus reducing the number of infections that can attack our body by 58%.

-Treats the symptoms of common cold and prevents the spread of the infection to other areas of the respiratory system (sinus-sinusitis, pharynx-pharyngitis, bronchi-bronchitis, ear-otitis), resulting in further reduction of possible ENT complications. Scientific studies have shown that the use of PHYSIOMER® reduces the severity of symptoms, and improves breathing by 47% in the case of common cold as well as the patient’s overall state of health by 45%.

Helps prevent allergic rhinitis and controls the spread of the inflammation. In addition, it effectively relieves nasal symptoms by 68% and improves the effectiveness of topical treatments of allergic rhinitis.

In infants and children, nasal hygiene is particularly important as they are more prone to colds, due to their immature immune system. The effectiveness of PHYSIOMER® has been proven in numerous clinical trials in children. It reduces the number of colds by half and the risk of ENT complications (otitis and bronchiolitis) by 75%.

Physiomer: 100% Seawater from the Bay of Saint-Malo

Seawater, the birthplace of life on our planet, is composed of salts dissolved in pure water and is very much like the natural fluid that surrounds every cell in our body. Seawater contains more than two-thirds of the 94 naturally occurring chemical elements that exist on our planet. These elements include the complete set of trace elements which are considered to be essential for human health.

The seawater we use in PHYSIOMER® is collected from the waters off the Bay of Saint-Malo in Northern France. The Saint-Malo Bay constitutes a unique marine ecosystem thanks to its geographical location and shallow waters. Its exceptional tidal range, the greatest in Europe, gives the water found in the bay unique characteristics, as it ensures that the water is renewed with every tidal cycle, benefiting from a higher oxygenation, favouring the growth of essential minerals and trace elements, as well as other organic matter.