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Our Impact

Its our firm belief that the only way to ensure a lasting, sustainable development is by identifying our business goals with the prosperity of our people, the protection of the environment and the growth of our customers and associates as well as of society in general.

Every day, thousands of consumers use our products to look beautiful and feel good, enjoying life to the maximum. This requires responsibility on our part. We always listen and respond to consumer needs, while constantly expanding our product range. At the same time, we build trusting relationships with our associates, finding new ways to win the hearts of consumers.

We share quality products that have earned a special place on the market

In an attempt to best meet consumer demands, we are constantly expanding our product range, while maintaining high quality. At the same time, we respond to growing consumer.

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We respond
to client needs

In an attempt to manage, evaluate and respond to the requests and suggestions of our customers, we have developed specific actions and tools which operate as a communication channel with consumers.

CEM Tool –
Customer Experience

The CEM platform offers customers the opportunity to evaluate their latest visit to a Beauty Line store. The platform, which began operating in 2014, consists of multiple choice and open-ended questions.

When they complete their purchases, customers are advised by the beauty consultants and cashiers that they will be able to visit a specific online link with the code that they find in the receipt of their transaction, in order to record their impressions from their visit at the store. By completing the questionnaire, customers take part in a monthly draw to win a €100 gift voucher for Beauty Line stores.

The feedback that the Group receives through this evaluation process helps to continuously improve the services provided, and to solve any problems.

Mystery Shopper Survey

The Mystery Shopper Survey is focused on the customer-consumer and his or her experiences in the strores.

The Mystery Shopper evaluates the quality of the services provided by store staff through the eyes of a “customer”, based on a preagreed questionnaire. The Mystery Shopper Survey helps to evaluate customer satisfaction and improve service levels and staff performance.

The survey is conducted four times a year, covering the Papaellinas Group’s store network as well as the competition, with 8 visits annually at each store.

Complaint Management

Any complaint expressed by a customer, associate or supplier is, for the PAPAELLINAS Group, an opportunity for improvement.

The procedure followed ensures complaints are properly recorded, promptly resolved and utilised by relevant departments.

Complaints can be filed directly through our call center and by email, or through our store employees, salespeople, pharmaceutical sales representatives and distributors.

CRM Tool –
Customer Relationship

The CRM tool was created to increase customer satisfaction across all of the Group’s chains.

• More targeted marketing actions, based on customer needs and interests, avoiding unnecessary communication with customers

• Better customer segmentation

• Better buying experience, both in the stores and online.

Driven by innovation

In order to best respond to new consumer trends, it is essential to consistently embrace innovation, regarding both the provision of services and as part of our procedures (e.g. transport), as well as in our organisation and way of thinking. As such, we are continually searching for ways to create added value with our clients for our country.

This value derives from our faith in our country’s potential and the capabilities of our people, who can achieve anything. We fully comprehend our role as an iconic company with a long history, and are committed to continuing to open new horizons while always progressing one step ahead.

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Support and respect for our associates

Building trusting relationships with our associates is one of the core values of our company. This means the creation of key meaningful partnerships which bring forth sustainable and profitable growth, for both our own business and for our associates, across all basic distribution channels.

Our sales network includes retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, stores, mini markets, wholesalers, kiosks, petrol stations and more. Always finding new ways to win over consumer preferences, our aim is to become the preferred supplier for all our customers.

With continuous investments in the training and development of our people, in attracting talents and promoting capable executives, and by offering dynamic career development programs, competitive salaries and benefits, and a modern work environment, the PAPAELLINAS Group has been recognized with the international distinctions Great Place to Work and Investors in People Platinum, as well as for its inclusion in Cyprus’ Best Workplaces™ 2024 List.

Talent attraction process

The recruitment process implemented by the PAPAELLINAS Group aims at selecting the right people for the right roles, based on the formal and substantive skills and experience of the candidates.

The selection of candidates for filling any position is based on the collaboration of the PAPAELLINAS Group’s executives from different hierarchical levels , who will unanimously approve the candidate. This ensures transparency and the broad acceptance of the candidate. It is worth noting that the recruitment process is in no way influenced by nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other such characteristics.

In addition, the PAPAELLINAS Group consistently cultivates a working environment of meritocracy, transparency and equal opportunities for education, training and career development for all its employees

Talent Attraction

Employee training and development

Our people constitute one of the Group’s most important assets and their continuous, systematic training contributes to the joint effort to achieve the Group’s goals, and to developing their skills. Our success depends to a great extent on our people, so we are investing, methodically, in their training and development.

• Training methods
• Seminars (in Cyprus and abroad)
• Training workshops
• Participation in conferences
• Coaching and Mentoring
• On-the-job training
• Obtaining Academic and Professional Titles

Simultaneously, we invest in digital technologies that will advance the education and digital skills of our human resources and help them to thrive in a personal and professional level.

Additionally, we utilize digital HR tools to effectively support our human resources systems and applications as well as simplifying policies and procedures.

In this context, we significantly upgrade the daily experience of our people and enhance their efficiency.

anthropoi mas

Evaluation of employee performance

We pay special attention to the proper management and evaluation of employee performance. We have developed a flexible and objective employee evaluation process, to ensure their development, optimise their productivity and reward their daily efforts.

The main stages of the evaluation process: Personal Meeting of the employee under evaluation with the Evaluator, Feedback and guidance, Performance evaluation, Performance planning, Setting targets and Preparation for the next Personal Meeting,

The protection of the natural environment is, for the Group, a permanent and central priority. Our vision is a new way of doing business – one that delivers growth by reducing our environmental impact. This has inspired innovation, new ways of doing business and purposeful brands.

Materials used,
recycling, waste management

With a view to ensuring quality life for future generations, environmental protection and a sound economy, the Group makes every effort to ensure the sustainable use of the materials it uses.

Raw and auxiliary materials

In this context, we took important steps towards a circular plastics economy, These include the gradual replacement of paper packaging by biodegradable packaging, empowering small behavioral changes such as the use of reusable mugs instead of disposable plastic cups  and the elimination of single-use straws as well as encouging innovation to find new ways to grow sustainably.

Recycling and responsible waste management

We have developed an integrated programme for recycling packaging, plastic, paper, batteries and ink cartridges. Moreover we participate in Green Dot Cyprus, a collective system for the recovery and recycling of Cypriot businesses’ packaging.

In addition, we have as our central objective the responsible management of the waste resulting from our commercial activities and the production process. We follow, as far as waste management is concerned, legislation and regulations, to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible and at the same time we have adopted technologies that enable us to reduce waste by forecasting effectively replenishment needs and managing products’ demand.

Emissions, energy consumption and climate change

Climate change is the most critical environmental problem on a global scale, with ever more severe impacts on society and the economy.

We are constantly developing and implementing new actions to reduce its emissions. At the same time, we comply with the applicable legislation and the projected emission limit values.

Carbon dioxide emissions from transport

In order to achieve an even greater reduction in emissions, we have started replacing old transport trucks with newer ones.

Energy consumption and savings

Our aim is to continuously reduce electricity consumption in our activities and, we constantly take new initiatives in this direction.

These include the replacement of light bulbs at the Group’s stores with LED lights, the installation of an energy saving system (PowerStar) as well as photovoltaic system.

Water Management

Recognising the importance of water as a valuable natural resource, we continuously take water-saving actions through the proper maintenance and regular checking of water supply facilities, to minimise losses.

In addition, all employees of the Group are regularly informed about different ways of reducing water consumption.

Water 1
Water 2
perivalon 1
perivalon 2

Cultivating environmental consciousness

As part of our efforts to contribute actively to environmental protection, we take innovative initiatives to foster, among our people and their families, an environmental consciousness. Colleagues’ children show real interest in caring for the environment and are enthusiastically involved in a painting contest organised each year.

The contest is about protecting the environment and gives the children involved the opportunity to show their sensitivity towards environmental issues and also win gifts!

Its our firm belief that the only way to ensure a lasting, sustainable development is by identifying our business goals with the prosperity of our people, the protection of the environment and the growth of our customers and associates as well as of society in general.

Our financial contribution –
social product

The financial contribution to the society in which we operate is a top priority.

Through employment, tax, royalty, supplier payments and social investments, we are able to provide our stakeholders with a positive contribution.

koinonia 1

Supporting the
local economy

Managerial staff from
the local community

All of the PAPAELLINAS Group’s managerial staff come from Cyprus, creating an economic benefit for every local community. This tactic means that our managerial staff have the best possible understanding of Cypriot socio-political and cultural specificities, in order to effectively contribute to the achievement of the Group’s business objectives.

Supporting local suppliers

We prefer and support local suppliers, dynamically strengthening local entrepreneurship. Through this collaboration, our suppliers: are able to redefine their business activity and growth path, have our substantial support in optimising their production, developing and following new standards of quality and innovation.

Tziverti Honey

Our cooperation with the PAPAELLINAS Group helped us a lot. For a small, local company like ours, which does not have the network and resources to stand alone on the market and successfully support its growth, our collaboration with the PAPAELLINAS Group offered us stability and safety. We have a serious, valuable partner, with whom we can look forward to the future with optimism.

meli tziverti

Oleastro Olive Oil

The move we made in 2013 to colalborate with the PAPAELLINAS Group, broadened our horizons and offered us financial stability. Fortunately, the PAPAELLINAS Group was there, and uncertainty gave its place to confidence and stability. Our cooperation with the various departments of the organization is impeccable at all levels.

Something that we particularly appreciate is the attitude of Mr. Christos Papaellinas when we were faced, besides the events of the financial crisis of 2013, with a big fire that destroyed a significant part of the crop. He showed enormous interest and offered to help us, from all sides. The Group’s move to support small Cypriot companies in 2013 was very important for us, and it surely justified its strategy of investing in Sustainable Development

Platanico Wines & Spirits Ltd

After a long history in the Cypriot vinegar industry that began in 1922, Platanico Wines and Spirits Ltd entered into an important business partnership with PAPAELLINAS Group. The Group undertook the distribution and promotion of Platanico Wines and Spirits products in retail outlets. With this cooperation, the Group distributes local quality products in the Cypriot market.



Eliochori produces pure, extra virgin olive oil and has many years of experience and presence in the field of olive oils. It is an entirely Cypriot product, highlighting the richness and beauty of Cypriot nature! The active support that PAPAELLNAS Group provides to Eliochori by undertaking the distribution and promotion of its products highlights the active involvement of the Group in the enhancement of the local suppliers.

Artemis Quality Vinegars

Based in Limassol and with a history of over 80 years, the ARTEMIS vinegar factory produces all kinds of vinegar (red and white), balsamic vinegar, balsamic creams, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice.
With the company steadfastly adhering to the values it has inherited, such as the selection of the finest raw materials and the constant quest for improvement, ARTEMIS vinegar factory continues to invest heavily in mechanical equipment and the improvement of production conditions, aiming to continually enhance its product range. It simultaneously complies with international and European standards, ensuring the excellent quality and value of its products.
The integration of the Cypriot products ARTEMIS QUALITY VINEGARS in the Group contributes to the extension of the Group’s distribution network and the further strengthening of its presence in the Cypriot market.


Actions for Health

As a business we believe that we can be just as strong and healthy as the local communities in which we operate. Our goal is to operate responsibly and to work closely with all stakeholders and the community at large, supporting sustainable development. We offer substantial funding, we invest in our partnerships and encourage employee volunteering.

Beauty Line stores firmly support Europa Donna Cyprus

Europa Donna Cyprus and Beauty Line stores share a common vision: to make every woman live better and feel well. All sales proceeds of Beauty Line Magazine, go to Europa Donna Cyprus “Bosom Buddies” programme.

draseis ygeias 1
logo nefropadon

PAPAELLINAS Group supports the Cyprus Kidney Association

The Cyprus Kidney Association has as its mission to offer financial assistance and support to kidney patients and their families, inform the public on the importance of prompt diagnosis and support the Nephrology Departments with kidney dialysis units in all cities.

In the context PAPAELLINAS Group is remains a long standing sponsor of the Cyprus Kidney Association and supports its work.

«Motorcycle Love Route»

PAPAELLINAS Group supports the Motorcycle Love Route to strengthen the Pancyprian Association for children with cancer and related diseases “One Dream One Wish”.

The Motorcycle Love Route aims to support the Association and has a two-fold goal: to raise public awareness of childhood cancer and to financially support the work of the Association.

koinonia 1

PAPAELLINAS Group supports REACTION Youth For the Prevention organisation

We maintain a solid partnership with Reaction-Youth for the Prevention, a non-governmental organization consisting of young volunteers who are proactive in education, research and community support.

Supporting children from the Deaf School

We remain a long standing partner of the Cyprus Deaf School by providing financial assistance to the School. Also, every year we invite, to our New Year’s pie cutting ceremony, children from the Deaf School, who move us all with their presence and songs.

sxolio awards

Actions for

We actively support excellence and encourage the new generation to pursue more knowledge and education with a sense of fair play. We provide incentives, both ethically and practically, for further learning, while recognising the potential of our country in their pursuit of knowledge.

Student Scholarships

Every year PAPAELLINAS Group grants scholarships to students of the MBA Programme of the University of Cyprus, who excel academically.

This initiative practically exemplifies the great importance which we place on education, academic excellence, and the connection between university and the business world.

draseis paideia 1
Rewarding the academic excellence

Rewarding the academic excellence of our employees’ children

As part of our ongoing support for education, we reward excellence, handing out annual cash prizes to the children of our employees who excel academically.

Summer Placement & Internship Programmes

With the Summer Placement and Internship Programmes, we aim at the job training of the participants within the modern, innovative, and demanding work environment of our Group. Participants can work alongside experienced professionals, to develop new skills and abilities, but also to put their university knowledge into practice in the real world.

The Programmes reflect our Group’s commitment towards society and the younger generation for prosperity and education, offering growth opportunities through work experience.

therini apasxolisi

Actions for

We constantly and actively support sports, their values and benefits, supporting national and local bodies, clubs and teams. Sports help new generations socialise by adopting a healthy lifestyle, teach teamwork and respect, and help alleviate various social problems while at the same time providing mental well-being.

Olympiada Neapolis

We offer financial support to the Olympiadas Neapolis club. Olympiada Neapolis club was founded in 1951 and is a refugee club with significant athletic and social action.

Although it faced difficulties following its displacement from occupied Neapolis, the Olympiada Neapolis club in the Pancyprian volleyball championships with eight teams and has an Academy for children.

It also participates in table tennis and cycling championships.

draseis athlitismos ethnikos latsion

Ethnikos Latsion

We  actively support financially the Ethnikos Latsion club as well as the local community at Latsia, where the team’s headquarters are located.

Ethnikos Latsion was founded in 1956 and has volleyball and futsal teams, with 300 athletes of all ages.

Football Association – PAEEK Kyrenia

“PAPAELLINAS Group always supports us, with a common effort of assuring that PAEEK Kyrenias will accomplish to play in the first category. The Group never left our side and always contributed to our exertion to gain a public presence at sporting events. It is indisputable that PAPAELLINAS Group continuously proves its interest to promote sports activities while having a sense of responsibility for the refuge sports unions.”

Running under the moon

«Running Under the Moon»

Since 2015, we take part in the night race “Running Under the Moon” where many colleagues run the corporate 5km route. This race is charitable, as it supports various voluntary organisations that aim to raise public awareness and provide support to vulnerable groups.

Nicholas Vasiliou

PAPAELLINAS Group is a proud supporter of Nikola Vasileiou. Among the top athletes in the sport of shooting, in 2022, he secured the 8th position in the World Cup held in Korea. Additionally, he was part of the national team that participated in the European and World Championships. At the national level, he won a gold and a bronze medal. At the end of the competitive season, he was crowned the champion of Cyprus.

In 2023, he participated in a World Cup in Doha and secured the 5th position in the qualifying phase with a score of 123. Additionally, he has won a bronze medal in the Games of the Small States of Europe. In the Cypriot championship, he achieved two first-place finishes, one second, and one third place. PAPAELLINAS Group consistently supports Nikola and promises to continue to stand by him, helping him achieve even greater distinctions, both in Cyprus and abroad.


Employee Volunteering

Volunteering and employee participation comprise an important part of our overall contribution to society. Indicatively, some of the most important activities as part of our volunteering efforts are:

Voluntary Blood Donation Programme

Via our voluntary Blood Donation programme, we regularly organise blood donation days in our Group’s headquarters, aiming to collect blood to cover the needs of Cypriot society.

draseis ethelontismou 1
draseis ethelontismou 2

Annual Charity Bazaar

Another solidarity institution we support is the Group’s Staff Support Fund. This Fund was created with a view to showing effective solidarity towards colleagues and their relatives who need support because of health problems.

To support the Fund, every year before Christmas a bazaar is organised with the moving participation of colleagues, while additional bazaars are organized in other time periods to meet various needs. Employees voluntarily support the Fund by also offering a small percentage of their monthly salary.

Tree planting

In the context of the World Environment Day, we organise tree planting at our premises.  Many colleagues participate by planting trees, in order to make the company greener.


Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2020-2021 Download
Sustainability Report 2018-2019 Download
Sustainability Report 2016-2017 Download