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SHISEIDO: 25 years presence in Cyprus through our Group

Nathalie Broussard, Director of Scientific Communication of Shiseido Group EMEA, gave an exclusive interview in the IN Business magazine. She addressed the brand’s journey over its 150-year history, its dedication to research and innovation, and its strategic partnership with our Group.

Nathalie Broussard, Director of Scientific Communication of Shiseido Group EMEA,

« Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures life and brings forth new values.» SHI. SEI. DO. Three syllables that still describe today the values that drive Shiseido as an international group, with the presence of 25 years in Cyprus through its successful cooperation with the C.A. PAPAELLINAS Group.

Shiseido celebrates its 150- years- anniversary. What are the values and achievements that you celebrate more in that long journey?

Celebrating 150 years of history is a great opportunity to take a step back on our origins and our achievements but also above all to imagine an even more ambitious future. Shiseido was born in 1872 under the impulsion of a japanese pharmacist and under the sign of interbreeding between eastern wisdom and western science. Since its inception Shiseido has lived to the rhythm of this duality and it is from this world of dualities that a unique style of innovation is born. Since the beginning Shiseido has been dedicated to innovating and with the sole objective of satisfying consumers around the world. Innovation has always been at the very heart of Shiseido, and the engine of its growth. With 7 innovation centers around the world, and extraordinary expertise from people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines, Shiseido’s innovation is always strongly backed by SCIENCE: we can now be proud to have set foot on all major scientific research fields in skincare. The Group reinvests more than 3,5% of its  revenues into brand development and R&D, and holds 29 awards from the renowned International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), a world record that demonstrates Shiseido’s pioneering scientific research.

The strength of Shiseido also relies on how it translates all of its innovative research into beauty solutions that are useful to consumers.

Which are the key dates that were the most important for Shiseido?

It is not easy to sum up 150 years of history by citing a few dates. But if we try to look back on the many industry firsts that exemplify Shiseido’s relentless pioneering spirit over the past 150 years, here are the key dates to remember:

  • In 1897, Shiseido launched its first skincare product, Eudermine, which paved the way for many other breakthrough beauty innovation.
  • 1923: Based on its ground-breaking research into UV protective agents, Shiseido launched the world’s first protective suncream, Uviolin.
  • In 1985, Shiseido became the first Japanese company to use biotechnology to produce hyaluronic acid on a large scale, democratizing its use in cosmetics.
  • 1987 saw the release of the first UV-protective compact powder, another example of Shiseido’s unparalleled expertise in suncare.
  • The launch of Ultimune in 2014, marked further testimony to Shiseido’s position as an undisputed leader in beauty innovation. This technology powerhouse was the first cosmetic formula to act on the skin’s defence system and has become the brand’s iconic bestseller, garnering 224 awards and 42 patents.
  • In 2022, Shiseido presented another world-first with the release of the new Skin Filler Bio-Performance serums – another cosmetic revolution that will once again shake up the industry
The name Shiseido includes three syllables that denote the values of the brand. How these values are expressed in the development, innovation and evolution of the brand?

« Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures life and brings forth new values.» SHI. SEI. DO. Three syllables that still describe today the values that drive Shiseido as an international group.

For 150 years and faithful to its origins, Shiseido has been obsessed by skincare science, obsessed by sensorial design and obsessed by the power of nature to offer a holistic approach of beauty to everyone.

For the next 150 years, Shiseido will resonate even more with our mission which is “beauty innovations for a better world”. Innovation at the service of beauty, well-being while considering the environment. We are convinced that beauty has the power to change the world from different angles, that is to say the power to do good to people while being aware of our impact on the environment. Our ambition is also to become a personal Beauty Wellness company that is to say the beauty and well-being partner of each consumer by considering the beauty of their skin and their inner beauty or even their inner well-being.

To achieve this Shiseido continues to rely on:

  •  consumer-driven innovation, with understanding and anticipating ever-changing consumer needs,
  • and technology-driven innovation, fueled by the development of pioneering technologies inspired by our cutting-edge research.
Sustainability and the creation of profitable organizations go together today. How Shiseido is investing on that?

“Beauty Innovations for A Better World” – Shiseido’s mission unites innovation and sustainability – and clearly resonates with the increasing focus on sustainability and ecological initiatives across all areas of the beauty sector and meets consumer expectations of today.

Shiseido will contribute to a better tomorrow also by creating cultural, social and environmental value relying on three pillars of the Group’s sustainability strategy: environment, society and culture.

ENVIRONMENT: In all that Shiseido does – from development and procurement to production, use and disposal – it works to preserve the precious global environment. Shiseido’s mission of ‘Beauty innovations for a better world’ means reducing its environmental footprint, developing sustainable products, and promoting responsible and sustainable purchasing.

SOCIETY: Shiseido seeks to advance towards ever greater respect and social diversity through the promotion of human rights, equality and inclusion.

CULTURE: Shiseido seeks to make beauty a source of strength and power for all people.

Having achieved a presence in numerous countries all around the world your products are also in Cyprus, through a strong collaboration with the C.A. Papaellinas Group, which is the leader in the sector of cosmetics in the Cypriot market. Tell us a bit about that collaboration.

C.A.Papaellinas Group is actually leading the sector of cosmetics from the distribution to the retail with the Beauty line chain in Cyprus.

They are experts of the market and we collaborate with their team for the distribution of some of the Shiseido Group brands since 23 years. As a consequence, the brands of Shiseido are also present in their retail activity.

Their understanding of the market and the Cypriot needs are key for a group like Shiseido. It allows us to adapt to each customers and answer their concerns.

Today we are working hand in hand with dedicated people from the C.A.Papaellinas’ team to develop our brand portfolio, Shiseido of course but also fragrance brands like Narciso Rodriguez, Issey Miyake and Zadig & Voltaire.

Shiseido products have loyal customers in Cyprus. How do you see the local market of skincare and cosmetics?

Cyprus has 2 points of differences vs the other European markets. The first one, as Cyprus is a very sunny country, customers are very knowledgeable about suncare damages, so they are used to protect and take care of their skin. They have a real understanding of the skincare products and look for quality first. The second one is the average age of skincare universe discovery. We may say it starts really early in Cyprus due to your local weather.

What is really interesting about skincare & cosmetics in Cyprus but it’s a global change, the borders are disappearing. People will look for a foundation with hydration, sun protection and coverage, but they will also expect from a cream to answer their concern giving on their face a glow or natural effect. Products are becoming hybrid keeping a high quality and naturality expectation from the customers.

How competitive is for you and how do you manage to keep the popularity of the products high?

Cyprus is a competitive market with strong and various offers in the skincare & cosmetic category. Brands introduce, advertise, promote the key lines or products they have in their portfolio. We are of course doing it with our Japanese way. Experience is key, and when the customer is at home choosing a cream, a serum.. the first application on the skin should reach the highest level of satisfaction. To do so, we need excellent products, and this is the commitment of Shiseido Group, and also allow customer to discover and try our Shiseido product. By this way, we will continue to get high popularity but also a larger loyal customer base. We know that once a customer have tried our products, they will never stop using them.

How does Shiseido celebrate it 150-years-anniversary? What activities/products shall we see in Cyprus?

All around the world, Shiseido invited clients, retailers, press, media & influencers to share this moment. We were really afraid in 2020 to not celebrate this important mile stone. Finally our anniversary matched with a back to normal life, it was like a kind of double celebration, for people to meet again and for Shiseido to celebrate this 150th year anniversary.

In Cyprus, we organized a beautiful event in the 1888 events venue. An amazing place where 188 people joined us to enjoy and celebrate our anniversary.

The last month a strong focus has been done on our core catalogue with Ultimune serum and Vital perfection cream. The main launch of the year 2022 was our incredible BOP Skin Filler. In 2023, we will continue to sustain our core line with of course some additional launches.

Shiseido BOP Skinfiller
Following a pioneer approach all around the world what is your vision for the next years?

Research and Science will for sure bring new technologies and brand new ways to apply skincare. For example, a just acquired new brand of Shiseido group portfolio, named Gallinée, is working on the microbiome improvement using natural row material. It’s a totally new way to interact with the skin. Rather than to destroy bacteria, the cream will promote and nourish the good bacteria of your skin with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. It’s not science fiction and it happens now thanks to our better understanding of the skin.

With BOP skin filler, hyaluronic acid offers to reach results that we got in the past only with injection.

For sure the cosmetics world is changing, evolving, innovating and our understanding of the skin will allow to be more & more specific with always more natural ingredient. We, at Shiseido, are also very much conscious of sustainability and prefer to use natural ingredients.