In 1997, the Beauty Line chain launched its first loyalty scheme.

Its major objective was to create long-term customer relationships and improve service through the collection and analysis of important information regarding customer needs and concerns.

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In 2015, in order to maximize the benefits of our customers, Beauty Line loyalty card is replaced by the new myBENEFITS Card. The myBENEFITS Card ensures all the existing benefits our customers have already and offers additional privileges to more than 30 stores across Cyprus. Specifically, loyalty customers can enjoy myBENEFITS Card privileges at Beauty Line, Holland & Barrett, Yves Rocher, Selekt and Beauty Outlet stores.

TmyBENEFITS Card is one of the strongest loyalty schemes in the market, with exclusive privileges and over 180,000 members.

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BEAUTYLINE.COM.CY acts as an important extension of Beauty Line’s image and personality. The consumer can discover a wide range of cosmetics, make their purchases at any time of the day, as well as take advantage of exclusive privileges and offers.

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Via a strong network of stores which represent the Beauty Line, Holland and Barrett, Yves Rocher, Selekt Beauty and Beauty Outlet chains, we aim to provide the best possible customer service, across Cyprus.

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