90 Years...Leading ahead!

By human measurement, 90 years are considered a long period of time. It can be described as an entire lifetime for someone who follows our organisation in this journey of accomplishing our daily mission ‘’to make more and more people live and feel better’’.

With steady growth, prudent strategy and courage to change, these 90 years are now our starting point for the future. We always aim to look forward and carve new avenues.

Throughout these 90 years we managed to be the strongest organisation in Cyprus with expertise in beauty and health. This is due to the people of 3 generations who serve our values: Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership, Passion and Simplicity’.

C.A.Papaellinas Group, by participating in a business journey of almost a century now, has successfully managed to be a leader in a variety of sectors in which it operates.

These sectors include medicine, cosmetics, consumer products, and a network of shops and logistics services.

After a long-lasting relationship of trust with the Cypriot consumer, the Group implements its strategy of its methodical expansion and opens up new avenues of quality and reliability.



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