Always ready for more beauty! At the renovated Beauty Line store at My Mall

Beauty Line, in the pulse of a fast-changing, fast-moving season, organized a three-day beauty party at the renovated Beauty Line store at My Mall.  It took place from May 24 to May 26, giving every woman the opportunity to experience new, unparalleled beauty experiences.

Media representatives, influencers, fashion bloggers and many visitors were able to experience something different in a highly aesthetic and functional environment, highlighting their most beautiful selves.

At the three-day beauty party, those who visited Beauty Line had the choice of their own makeover from the makeup experts at Beauty Line stores. They were informed by specialized consultants about beauty and skincare tips, as well as new summer trends. Also all the guests had the opportunity to participate in competitions and win many prizes.

The ultimate beauty destination is at My Mall. It’s there Where every woman can write her own #Beauty Story! Yours;


More information on store products and services can be found at beautyline.com.cy


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