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InBusiness: Highest ranking Pharmaceutical Companies In Cyprus

C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group: A century of health and beauty 

With a history spanning almost a century, C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group holds a leading position in the sectors in which it operates. These include the distribution of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer products, a strong network of retail stores represented by the brands, Beauty Line, Holland & Barrett, Yves Rusher and Beauty Outlet, as well as integrated handling services.

Through its trusting relationship with the Cypriot consumer, the Group implements the strategy of its methodical expansion, while it paves new roads of quality and reliability, having already been established as the leading group of health and beauty products in Cyprus.

With its timeless mission of making more and more people live and feel better, the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group believes in ethical business growth. It considers sustainability as the only realistic approach to new challenges, focusing all its efforts on ensuring social prosperity, economic growth and environmental protection.



The business activity of C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group begins just before 1930 with the import of medicinal products in Cyprus. The year 1931 will be a milestone in the company’s history, as it marks the beginning of its collaboration with the world leader Sandoz Chemicals (now Novartis). This will bring more collaborations with other major companies in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Organon Pharmaceuticals. 100 years later, the medicinal products remain at the centre of the mission and operations of the Group which provides and distributes in the Cypriot market medicines, pharmacy products and food supplements, for the improvement of health and well-being in every stage of life.

The well-diversified health product portfolio of the Group includes some of the most successful brands in the world, in the sectors of personal care and hygiene, thus establishing its leading position in the market. The Group is the exclusive representative in the Cypriot market of many multinational companies such as Advanz, Amgen, Baxter, Celtrion Healthcare, Faes, Fresenius, GSK, Ipsen, ITF, Kyowa Kirin, Perrigo, Sanofi, Servier and Teva, as well as of some major Greek enterprises such as Galenica, Verisfield and Vianex, providing sale and marketing support, scientific information and market access within the context of the pharmaceutical products’ promotion. Other important companies, such as Novartis, are also represented in the Distribution Sector of the Group.

In the Consumer Healthcare Sector, the Group represents non-prescription pharmaceutical products that dominate in the Cypriot market, such as Panadol, Solpadeine, Physiomer, Otrivin, Voltaren Gel, etc. Furthermore, the Group maintains a number of significant collaborations with renowned companies in the Food Supplement Sector (Lanes, Centrum, Femarelle, Superfoods, Optima, My Elements, Mastiha) and in Pharmacy Cosmetics (NUXE, Bio-Oil).


The departments that provide Pharmacovigilance, Quality Regulation, Safety and Medicine Registration services, the pharmaceutical and the compliance department, recruit highly specialized personnel who participate in continuous training programs. These services assist the Group in ensuring compliance with both the European and local regulations governing the promotion of medicines in Cyprus. The Group, as the local representative, provides all necessary services to the Marketing Authorization Holders, ensuring the products’ placement in the Cypriot market, the medical community and the patients.


The Group’s pharmaceutical distribution centre, PharmacyLine, is a state-of-the-art centre in line with the European standards and specifications, authorized by the Pharmaceutical Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Health, for the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Cyprus and abroad.

PharmacyLine’s top priority is the safe, reliable and efficient supply of the pharmacies and institutions of the Cyprus’ Ministry of Health.

The modern storage methods, the application of advanced information technologies and the delivery procedures based on strict quality standards, guarantee a fast and reliable supply of Medicines and Pharmacy products throughout Cyprus.

PharmacyLine is ISO 9001:2015 certified and stands out for the high level of service that provides in the partnerships it creates. It is regularly audited by both the competent authorities of the State and the suppliers represented by the Group, with excellent results.


The centre provides 100% coverage of the total needs of the Cypriot pharmaceutical market.


The introduction of GESY in the Cypriot healthcare sector has reinforced the Cypriot pharmaceutical market, while major challenges are emerging in the entire spectrum of activity of the Group’s Pharmaceutical Division.

In the Prescription Medicines Sector, the market has been completely shaped by the increase in the number of Health Professionals required for the successful provision of information on medicines as well as their promotion, while the visit time has been significantly reduced. The Group has fully responded to this challenge by increasing its personnel, reinforcing its medical associates both scientifically and in terms of communication, as well as by applying modern digital methods. These methods can provide effective organization and communication support to medical representatives, as the VEEVA CRM Platform, and extend the spectrum of their activities beyond the in-person medical visits, such as webinars, Rep email marketing, etc.

In the Sector of Specialized Innovative Medicines (INN-innovative medicines), the challenges are even greater as we are going through the transitional stage of the full implementation of GESY for this category of medication. Here also the excellent collaboration of the specialized personnel with the respective departments of the Companies represented by the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group guarantees the supply of these Medicines to the Cypriot market, either through the submission of applications or through performance-based Managed Entry Agreements with the Cyprus Health Insurance Organization (HIO). In the Non-Prescription Medicines Sector, with the implementation of GESY, the market has expanded significantly since numerous non-prescription medicines are not provided by the GESY. The significant diversification of Pharmacy operations, due to the increased patient flow in Private Pharmacies, has generated the need to upgrade the targeted category placement within the pharmacies in order to ensure that people’s individual needs are being fully covered. At the same time our Group, recognizing the Pharmacists’ insufficient time, has implemented a B2B platform which gives them the possibility to be immediately informed about products and place online orders for any product of the Group. The constant upgrading of our Pharmaceutical and Medical representatives’ education in terms of communication and scientific training, as well as the digital upgrading with the Coprime Platform that ensures proper organization and promotion processes, is also of great importance for the Group.


An important factor of C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group’s success in the Pharmaceutical market, that lasts for almost a century, are the strategic agreements that the Group has concluded with internationally renowned multinational Pharmaceutical companies, gaining multifaceted and extensive experience. The Group’s belief is that, with the wide range of its services and its highly qualified and specialized scientific personnel, it is able to successfully undertake and develop any new strategic collaboration. Our goal is to ensure the distribution and access to more and more Medicines and Pharmaceutical products in Cyprus. Products that relieve, heal and make people’s lives better.

Management team:

Chief Executive Officer: Christos Papaellinas

Senior General Manager – Pharmaceuticals: Stelios Phinikarides

General Manager Pharmacy Brands: Antri Koukou

Senior Commercial Manager: Alexia Nicolaidou