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Connecting with Sustainability – Through our Fellow Colleagues’ Voice

At our Group, the commitment to Sustainable Development is rooted at the heart of our business culture, social role and business responsibility. We believe that Sustainable Development is meaningful only if it is built on business ethics, social solidarity and respect for the environment.

Guided by the belief that our Organisation’s prosperity is inextricably linked with the prosperity of society and the planet, we have undertaken major initiatives reflecting our values and our expectations for a better future. We aim to drive innovation and promote best practice at every level of our business, while encouraging the fulfillment of our social responsibilities to community.

Through this insert, we want to showcase and promote the voices of our colleagues, their perspective, by answering three simple questions. We hope to inspire more and more of our colleagues and fellow people for a better and more sustainable society.

We start with our colleague Malevi Kougiali, who holds the position of Senior Logistics Officer at the Pharmacy Department of the Group:

1) What does Sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a complex concept which can be incorporated into many areas of our everyday life. Sustainability is intertwined with Sustainable Development with particular regard to the environment and its protection. The vast majority of people know what they should and should not do. However, if we are to succeed in achieving Sustainable Development, we need to reduce the overconsumption of natural resources by using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, etc. Each of us needs to have an environmental consciousness which is consolidated through education.

2) What sustainable practices do you follow in your everyday life?

One of the most famous sayings of Cleobulus of Lindos, “moderation is the best thing”, means we should avoid excess and extreme, therefore in our everyday life we need to use energy responsibly by avoiding excesses, upgrading our home lighting to LED, setting our air conditioners’ cooling temperature at 26 degrees Celsius, recycling and reducing plastic waste.

3) What have you learned as a member of our Group about Sustainability?

Our Group’s eco-conscious Sustainability policy is in line with the policy of the companies it represents, and it is already investing in the ESG triptych – ESG: Environmental – encouraging the recycling of plastic, paper and batteries, utilising renewable energy sources in building facilities; Social – investing in employee training, development, H&S, well-being and work/life balance; Governance – operating through transparent and efficient procedures with the implementation of environmental legislation.


Malevi Kougiali, Senior Logistics Officer at the Pharmacy Department of the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group