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The Programme offers University students the opportunity to discover and live a holistic employment experience in a demanding and innovative environment.

The Summer Placement Programme provides participants with a learning opportunity through real-life work experience and on-the-job training, technical and business coaching. All these in combination with real-time work and the implementation of exciting projects, always with the guidance of our trained and experienced executives.

The participance in this Programme aims the personal development of the participants and their skills, as well as at the provision of resources that will help them in their subsequent professional development.

The Summer Placement Programme is ideal for students studying in the fields related to the areas of activity of the Group, such as Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Business Analytics & Innovation, Sustainability, Digital Transformation etc.

The Summer Placement Programme is scheduled for the summer season, between June and middle of August.

Our Human Resources Department starts receiving applications for the Summer Placement Programme from November until the end of March.

Interested candidates can send their CV, as well as a cover letter at