Prescription Products (Rx)

Like all products, pharmaceutical products must be marketed to those who will prescribe and finally use them, the health care professionals and patients. The setting up of an operation for selling and marketing of pharmaceutical products is an extremely demanding process that requires knowledge and expertise, adequate operational structures and proper processes in place. The selling and marketing of pharmaceutical products are regulated by a number of EU directives and Cyprus laws, all aiming at ensuring that health care professionals receive the right and always update information for these products in the most appropriate way and patients are receiving safe products which meets their needs.

Many pharmaceutical companies have given C.A.Papaellinas the responsibility of engaging in selling and marketing activities for their products in Cyprus. All activities undertaken by C.A.Papaellinas Ltd for promotional support for these pharmaceutical products are defined by relevant agreements with products owners. While in all cases C.A.Papaellinas act as an independent business entity, the strategiesof product owners constitute the core of C.A.Papaellinas sales and marketing operations.

C.A.Papaellinas has set up a well functioning Drug Regulatory Quality and Safety Affairs department staffed with qualified personnel, capable of achieving full compliance to the local and EU regulations relatiing to the sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals. C.A.Papaellinas provides services to pharmaceutical product owners, who are also Marketing Licence Holders of these products, as their local representative towards Cyprus' competent authority. These services are of critical importance for ensuring availability in the Cypriot market without any complications.

C.A.Papaellinas provides sales and marketing support for the companies shown below:

  • Amgen
  • Galenica / Minerva
  • Concordia
  • GSK
  • Baxter
  • Help
  • Balu
  • Ipsen
  • Servier
  • Faes
  • ITF
  • Teva
  • Ferre
  • Norgine
  • Verisfield
  • Fresenius
  • Fresenius
  • Vianex



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