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C.A.Papaellinas Group, after a business history of almost a century, has become a leader in each field in which it operates. These fields include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer products and a network of shops. Through the long-lasting relationship of trust with the Cypriot consumer, the group implements its strategy of methodical expansion and opens new roads of quality and reliability.

Our Mission is To make More and More People Live & Feel Better

Our Values


We operate with transparency, ethos and honesty. We lead by settings our own examples. We stay true to our promises.


We take responsibility for our actions. We care about our people, our customers, our society and our environment. We are committed to our personal and our team targets.


We stay ahead in every one of our sectors. We dare to question the status quo. We embrace change.


We are passionate about our people, our products and our customers. We think positively and act with confidence. We are proud of our history and optimistic about the future.


We aim for simplicity in our work style. We keep open and clear communication lines. We silplify the procedures to stay in close with our front-line personnel.



  • C.A.Papaellinas is founded as a pharmaceutical agent by Cristakis Papaellinas.
  • Andreas Papaellinas, the son of Christakis Papaellinas, enters the company and turns a small family-run company into a dynamic organization. C.A.Papaellinas becomes the representative of Kimberly Clark in Cyprus, with international consumer brands such as Kleenex.
  • Launching cooperation with Beecham pharmaceuticals, and introducing to the Cypriot market Penbritin capsules.
  • Enters the FMCG sector with the distribution of Brylcreem, by Beecham.
  • Turkish forces invaded Cyprus. The invasion resulted in the capture of approximately 40% of the island.
  • Christos Papaellinas, the son of Andreas Papaellinas is posted as the Executive Director of the company. The company expands into retailing with the creation of the Beauty Line cosmetics chain.
  • Introduces Pharmacy Line distribution centre.
  • Acquires the franchise of Holland & Barrett health foods and natural remedies, builds a new, state-of-the-art Distribution Centre and acquires 100% of the Novartis distribution in Cyprus.
  • Distribution agreement of Yves Rocher, the no.1 cosmetic brand in France.
  • Obtains 40% of the share capital of Diakinisis Logistics Services (CY) Ltd.
  • Launching new store chain, Selekt
  • Acquires the majority of the shareholding of Diakinisis Logistics (Cy) Ltd

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