The environment is our life Offer of the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group to the Latsia Municipality

The environment is our life. Its protection concerns us all. The CA Papaellinas  group, taking on  ecological sensitivity, offered the Latsia Municipality 6,000 reusable bags with which to replace plastic shopping bags. According to a communiqué of the Mayor of Latsia, Christos Pittas, the citizens can obtain them from the offices of the Municipality, with the presentation of the proof of their 2018 waste disposal payment.

A thank you with a gift is enough to show how much you appreciate your citizens.

A pioneering move by the Latsia Municipality is worthy of congratulations, as this movement also shows ecological sensitivity as well as the will to create consciousness to protect the environment.

The Mayor of Latsia, Christos Pittaras, announced that he will be giving a gift of a reusable shopping bag to every citizen who has payed the waste disposal charge,

Specifically as he posted on his Facebook:

"By our Citizens side  Again !!! We thank the C.A.Papaellinas Group and their  Managing Director, Christos Papaellinas for their immediate response to our request to provide more than 6000  bags that can be reused by our citizens when shopping. These bags will help reduce the use of plastic bags and protect the environment. Our citizens can obtain them from the offices of our Municipality by presenting the proof of payment of their 2018 waste disposal charge."



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