The company Karpasia Health Products Ltd, is now a new member of the C.A.Papaellinas Group

The C.A.Papaellinas Group, the strongest Beauty and Healthcare Group in Cyprus, in the context of its methodical expansion, proceeded to the acquisition of the share capital of Karpasia Health Products Ltd

Karpasia Health Products Ltd has pioneered an important course in the field of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.  With the inclusion of Karpasia in its large family, the C.A.Papaellinas Group further strengthens its leading position in the Pharmacy sector and, at the same time, strengthens its presence in parallel to other categories which present a dynamic outlook.

Karpasia Health Products Ltd was established in 1985 with the mission of offering to the Cypriot consumer and its Pharmacist partner high-quality products at affordable prices, which are provided by the largest companies internationally, at the level of experience, scientific research, and the coverage of needs.  Represented here are  prominent names such as: G.R. Lanes Health Products Ltd, Lifeplan, Sarantis Group, ISOPLUS SA, YOGI TEA, Secure Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Natural Balance, Optima Health & Solutions, International Health Solutions, Absolute Aromas, N.Dimopoulos SA, Ainsworths, The Heatpack Company, Burkhard's Herbal.

The team of Karpasia Health Products Ltd consists of 13 people and its founder and creator, Anna Gialourou, continues as General Manager of the company.

More information about Karpasia Health Products Ltd can be found at www.karpasiahealth.com.

In implementing the business strategy of the C.A.Papaellinas Group, the concept of quality is a key issue. Because only through the quality of services and value-conscious products is the Group's mission: Make more and more people live and feel better.

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