Beauty Line's unique beauty experience

Every woman is unique. The same is the experience of beauty that she experiences every time she visits one of the 15 Beauty Line shops all over Cyprus.

The well-known chain of beauty and grooming stores, which counts more than 20 years of life and success, had the annual meeting of its group at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol. Store staff took part in the proceedings as well as the management of C.A.Papaellinas Group, to which the Beauty line chain of stores belongs.

The annual meeting was launched on Saturday, November 17th, with an established gala dinner. The big family of Beauty Line, with old and new colleagues who share the same passion for beauty, enjoyed the sounds of the upcoming ALCATRASH band.

On Sunday the analytical sales results of 2018 were presented and the strategic objectives and priorities for next year, with emphasis placed on challenges and changes.

With the customer at the heart of their actions, Beauty Line makes steady steps on the path of evolution, aiming to offer a unique beauty experience.

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