The C.A.Papaellinas Group and NUXE hosted their pharmacist associates at the Aphrodite Hills Hotel in Paphos on the weekend of 03 and 04 November. The program included a presentation of the successful NUXE course in France, internationally and locally as an iconic brand.

During the two-day sessions a presentation took place with the subect “Iconic Brands and the value for your pharmacy” presented by Mrs Stavroula Hassapoglidou, Managing Director of INSMED HEALTH ADVISORS LTD, with many years of experience in the field of health, medicine, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical  cosmetics. During the presentation Mrs. Hasapoglidou stressed the importance of iconic brands to the consumer and the value they give to pharmacies. In addition, she underlined the fact that the successful NUXE series is now recognized as an iconic brand and analyzed the specific brand products that made it stand out internationally and locally.

During the two day period, pharmacists had the opportunity to talk on a personal level with the entire NUXE team for further questions and clarifications as well as getting into contact with other colleagues.

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