New TV movie-sequel for Beauty Line stores

Aiming to inspire more women to live and feel beautiful, stores Beauty Line strengthen their image with a new film of high production standards. The new ad focuses on unforgettable beauty experiences, making each woman feel unique, confident and passionate.

The new spot continues the feel-good aesthetic that marked the success of the first film, operating as a sequel that follows moments from the life of a Beauty Line's woman with the same aesthetics and mood. This time, we find out, a more human, everyday side of the protagonist Anabel Armario, with the film's shots being lined with the now well-known musical lining, in an adaptation adapted to the pace of the new film.

In collaboration with Semio studio and ORB Communications, Beauty Line stores have once again managed to travel the public in an ethereal fairy tale, but this is not untouchable. Through the new film, the audience can easily identify with the visual narrative, live the unique but everyday beauty experience that Beauty Line promises and transform it into a real way of life.

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