Distribution of Superfoods Food Supplements


C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group is the official distributor of SUPERFOODS ™ supplements in Cyprus

Within the framework of the targeted expansion of its business activities, C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group undertakes the official local representation and distribution of the SUPERFOODS ™ brand, through its new partnership with GP Hellenic Soil Ltd. 

SUPERFOODS ™ is specialized in over-nutrition supplements. Superfoods are foods with high nutritional value due to high concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which contribute to the good functioning of the human body. Their natural origin implies optimal absorption by the body. 

SUPERFOODS ™ has extensive experience and knowledge of overexploitation, systematically studies its properties and takes care of its use in dietary supplements in concentrated doses. It has a wide range of natural dietary supplements with unique benefits that meet the everyday needs of the demanding modern lifestyle. 

SUPERFOODS ™ products are distributed to pharmacies. 

With the addition of the SUPERFOODS ™ brand to the range of its brands, CAPAPAELLINAS Group of Companies implements its strategy of offering to the Cypriot consumer internationally recognized and recognized products for their quality. Products that make our life better. 

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