Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014-2015


Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014-2015

The new Social Responsibility Report of C.A.Papaellinas Group for the years 2014 and 2015 is included in the modern and stylish version released. It is the fourth in the series and presents all the actions and activities of the group for the Market, its Employees, Environment and Society.

When the C.A.Papaellinas Group started in 2010 to publicly submit its Corporate Social Responsibility actions, according to international standards, it was the first and the only Cypriot group of companies to do so. Since then it has been systematically pursuing, within the context of socially responsible business behavior, part of the culture as well as its strategy for the future.

In his message on the version, the Chief Executive Officer of the Group,Christos Papaellinas,underlines that despite difficulties of the time, the group is committed to further enhancing the actions of Corporate Social Responsibility.

"We are always ready," he said, "to take advantage of every opportunity that may arise despite the difficult political and economic environment. We have planned our next steps on the basis of our principles and values, always taking into account the needs of our customers, our partners and, of course, our people who are the pillar of our Group's growth. "

During the period reviewed by the new Social Report, C.A.Papaellinas Group left a strong imprint on the market further improving its position by introducing and offering high quality products and services through the two distribution networks for consumer and pharmaceutical products,as well as through Beauty Line, Holland & Barrett, Yves Rocher and Selekt stores.

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