C.A.Papaellinas:Big winner of the first Bussiness Simulation Competition

The first Business Simulation Competion in Cyprus by DataCon has been complete, At the competition participate 10 ten teams of  business executives from the largest companies in Cyprus.

The first prize was won by the team of Executives of C.A.PAPAELLINAS, which consisted of their Mario Kogkorozi Dimitra Panayi Chrystala Kouri, Andri Koukou and Olga Paoulli.

Ermes Group and Interoriend Shipmanagement won the 2nd & 3rd prize respectively.

The competition participants were asked to manage the same challenges they face in the real world of competition,only in this case, it was through a "game".The groups were asked to make tough strategic decisions taken daily by managers of companies to deliver maximum business value.

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