New Beauty Line Store at the centre of Nicosia

This is a real gem in the heart of the capital, and is distinguished by its modern appearance and wide range of cosmetics and perfumes.

The C.A.Papaellinas company believes in the potential ofcentral Nicosia and the new outlet will bring certainty and a new breath of fresh airthat will help in the development of the centre.

The new store follows the high standards ofthe BeautyLine chain and offers high quality makeup services and facial treatments. Also, the public can find products which are exclusive to the Stasikratous store.

The new 250 square-metre store was created to allow the organisation ofvarious events; to enable various cosmetic companies to launch their products; and to better serve our customers.

This is a real gem in the centre of Nicosia with the full range of products, beauty counters and a team of experienced consultants.

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