Diakinisis Logistics Services Cy Ltd: Strategic Cooperation Agreement with A & P Enterprises Cy Ltd

Diakinisis Logistics Services (Cy) Ltd company announces the beginning of collaboration with A & P (Andreou & Paraskevaides) Enterprises Public Company Ltd , which came into force on 30.05.2016 . This cooperation depends on Diakinisis providing all logistics services in Cyprus for all the A & P Enterprises products.

A & P Enterprises is the exclusive representative and distributor of PEPSI, 7UP and HBH soft drinks; the isotonic drink Gatorade; IVI juice; LIPTON’s iced tea; and Zagori bottled water. This cooperation is considered very important for both companies, since through it A & P Enterprises serves its strategic planning, while Diakinisis further expands its distribution network.

This cooperation confirms the establishment of Diakinisis Logistics Services (Cy) Ltd in the Cyprus market, of which C.A.Papaellinas Group has recently become a major shareholder. The rapid expansion of Diakinisis underlines the C.A.Papaellinas strategy of acquiring a dominant position in the 3PL logistics sector. The Group considers this a natural extension of its leading position, which it has long held in the distribution sector.

Diakinisis Logistics Services (CY) Ltd offers complete storage and repackaging services while maintaining the most extensive Pancyprian distribution network, which serves about 5,000 distribution points a week.

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