At the side of pharmacist and the pharmacy regarding their up to date needs - PharmAdvance Seminar by C.A.Papaellinas Group

C.A.Papaellinas Group, within the framework of the PharmAdvance program, have organized for the 7th consecutive year a special seminar for pharmacists. Its purpose is to analyze the new important role that the Cypriot pharmacist is called upon to play in GESY and how it can be prepared to exploit change and transform it into a growth opportunity.

The seminar was held at 'The Landmark Nicosia' hotel on Wednesday 19 June, with the theme: "Change as a Growth Opportunity in the Pharmacy."
The rapporteur was the Group's close associate in pharmacy development, Ms. Roula Hassapoglidou, with the title 'Founder and CEO of the Institute of Self Medication Ltd'.
Ms. Hassapoglidou presented to the pharmacists the international trends shaping the healthcare sector, worldwide, as well as elements from the Cyprus market that must be taken into account in the strategic planning of each pharmacy. Finally, they analyzed the changes brought about by the new  GESY system and how these can be exploited by pharmacists to develop their business.
During the dinner that followed, pharmacists emphasized the positive impact of PharmAdvance's actions, now established as a comprehensive support program for the Cypriot pharmacist.

A key element of our Group's business potential is to continually study international and local trends in the areas we operate. This way we can be ready to make the right moves and changes that suit our pioneering role

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