company profile

Company Profile

C.A.Papaellinas is one of the biggest and most dynamic organisations on the island, leading in all areas of its activities:


  • Distribution and retailing of cosmetics and fragrances 
  • Retailing of health foods and natural remedies
  • Distribution of pharmaceuticals, consumer and healthcare brands


Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision:

To Make More and More People Live and Feel Better.

Our Mission:

To Make Available to the Cyprus Market Science-based Pharmaceuticals, Prestige Cosmetics and Premium Consumer Brands that Make More and More People Live and Feel Better

Our Values:


  • Leadership
  • Agility
  • Responsibility

All the activities of our organization have always been guided by our core values that are deeply embedded in the way we carry out our business. We operate as a responsible organisation both towards our business partners and suppliers as well as towards our employees and society at large, always adhering to our people-centric philosophy that has characterized our organization since its very creation. We always try to keep ahead of all recent developments in the competitive market we operate in, with innovative initiatives, ensuring that we maintain the necessary agility required to thrive in today’s environment. We aim to be established as the market leader in all areas of our activities through accomplishing our vision: To Make More and More People Live and Feel Better.



Our Awards


In 2009 the Employees and Industrialists Federation awarded C.Α.Papaellinas the Prize for Social Excellence for Large Companies concerning their practices in promoting equal opportunities regardless of gender, and the facilitation of employment of people with family commitments, especially women.


In 2010 our Company was awarded the “Best Work Place” Award for the best company in Cyprus. It was one of the annual awards of “In Business” magazine awarded by public vote in recognition of the achievements of C.Α.Papaellinas in the workplace.


In 2012 at a ceremony held in Athens during the presentation of the annual results of the Green Marketing of the Economics University of Athens, C.Α.Papaellinas was awarded the Green Leader Award for its contributions to the protection of the environment.


In May 2014 at a ceremony in Athens C.Α.Papaellinas was awarded one of the prizes of the Transport & Logistics Awards for the best projects and initiatives in the area concerning logistics and transport. In particular our company was awarded the Prize for Outstanding Performance in the category of Significant Investment Activity.