Proactive Safety Approach

At C.A.Papaellinas we want our people healthy and safe, and are committed to it in every way. We are aware that prevention plays the most important role in addressing the risks relating to our employees' safety. Prevention is a principle which we have incorporated in the stance of our company across its full range of activities and to all our employees. 
At C.A.Papaellinas we have adopted a Health and Safety policy and we have developed a special management system that is designed to apply the Health and Safety policy on a daily basis. As far as the most important Health and Safety issues are concerned we, as a company, are not only content with the provisions of the national legislation but we aspire to the relevant international standards. Through our actions we show that we concentrate our efforts in three different directions:
  • the prevention of accidents and diseases
  • the readiness for possible emergencies
  • the addressing of safety and health issues


The high regard of the Company for its human resources is highlighted by the general vision of the company to make more and more people in live and feel better. Let alone its own people.