Corporate Social Responsibility

C.A.Papaellinas business strategy is based on the principle of Corporate Responsibility.
With our goal of commitment to the pursuit of sustainable development of our organisation we structure our corporate strategy into four main areas: Market, Society, Environment and Human Resources.
Taking into consideration the difficult economic situation our country is facing we have set priorities and objectives which will ensure both the development of our organisation but also of our employees and partners. Two-way communication with all our stakeholders is the main component of how we form our action plan.




C.A.Papaellinas has, over the years, also proven itself sensitive towards the environment through the recycling of packaging and paper; the gradual replacement of its fleet of vehicles with low carbon emission vehicles; the installation of double glazing windows and heat recovering units where possible; a number of carbon neutral projects; and last but not least, the recent strategic investment in renewable energy.
In 2015 C.A.Papaellinas Ltd, through actively supporting its corporate social responsibility and in particular the use of green energy, has significantly upgraded the energy efficiency of both its head offices and the facilities of its subsidiary company PharmacyLine in Latsia. This has been achieved by installing a powerful photovoltaic self-generating system. This new photovoltaic system will produce approximately 25% of the total energy consumed annually by the head offices and the pharmaceutical centre. In this way we achieve significant savings and a reduction in the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere by 115 tonnes per year.



In our company we operate and grow with the aim of establishing trust relationships with all the people we cooperate with: suppliers, partners, customers and consumers. These are participating people with whom we communicate regularly and exchange views and opinions. Our business culture is characterised by a spirit of cooperation and teamwork and we are always open to dialogue/discussion.


At C.A.Papaellinas we realize that we coexist and function in the wider society in which we operate and grow.
We agree that our hearts beat together; we have the same sensitivities; we interact and influence each other. As part of this interaction with society – in both the narrow and the broad sense – we try to operate responsibly and to support it whenever and wherever it is necessary.
Since 2011 Cyprus has been going through one of the most difficult periods in its modern history both in its economy and society. We, as an active organisation, recognise our greater responsibility in this socioeconomic environment. One of our constant concerns is to actively support and cooperate with the social welfare sector to take action and support vulnerable members of our society.
In the process of our company's 2012 materiality analysis, it was pointed out that the need to raise environmental awareness is also a high priority.
Over the years we have implemented many actions in different fields: Health, Vulnerable Social Groups, Education, Road Safety and the Environment. These actions were possible with the voluntary support of our staff. We feel that the implementation of  the CSR (EKE) C.A.Papaellinas social strategy has the “mark” of our people who implement and support it.


C.A.Papaellinas group, demonstrating extra care for its people, ranked the issues which they were concerned with and highlighted the important issue of offering services related to individual performance and evaluation. At C.A.Papaellinas, in addition to individual contribution, we recognise the importance of teamwork. We also aim to cultivate a spirit of loyal cooperation and open communication among our staff members.
Furthermore we undertake initiatives so that our people can work in the safest possible environment. By safe we mean that each individual has a sense of stability about their position, takes pleasure in it and also knows his or her health is protected. To this end we consider it to be of the utmost importance to take preventative measures. Our belief, that prevention constitutes the best therapy when it comes to matters relating to the safety and health of our people, has been proven in practice.