our history

Our History

A history dating back more than 80 years…

1929: C.A. Papaellinas was founded as a pharmaceutical agent by Christakis Papaellinas.
1931: Santoz (Switzerland) becomes the first pharmaceutical company represented in Cyprus by C.A.Papaellinas Ltd. 
1954: Andreas Papaellinas, the son of Christakis Papaellinas, entered the company and over the years has managed to turn a small family-run company into a dynamic organisation with a substantial volume of business and a key player in a then growing but competitive environment.

With a growing economy came a growing portfolio…

1948:At the end of  World War II, our company began specializing in the import and distribution of pharmaceutical and consumer products with well known international brands in its portfolio such as Organon, Cilag-Chemie and Gerunenthal as well as Max Factor cosmetics.
1965: Acquisition of the representation of Beacham Overseas which at the time had Lancaster cosmetics and consumer products such as Brylcream.
1969: C.A.Papaellinas Ltd secured the representation of the American company Kimberly Clark with international brands such as Kleenex paper products.  
After 1974: Creation of two strong partnerships, Demetriades & Papaellinas and Kapakiotis & Papaellinas, representing the two pharmaceutical giants Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 
2010: C.A.Papaellinas Ltd acquired the remaining 50% of Demetriades & Papaellinas, currently owning 100% of the Novartis distribution in Cyprus.

Expansion into retailing

1997:  Christos Papaellinas, the son of Andreas Papaellinas, became the Executive Director of the company. In the same year, the company expanded into retailing with the creation of the Beauty Line chain of cosmetics and fragrances. 
2010: C.A.Papaellinas expanded its retailing operations further, with the creation of HealthLine, which operates the Holland & Barrett franchise of health foods and natural remedies in Cyprus. 
2013: C.A.Papaellinas Ltd acquired the distribution of the Yves Rocher brand, the no.1 cosmetics brand in France. 
2014: Successful opening of the 10th store of Holland & Barrett in Cyprus, at Latsia. 
Today: Beauty Line is now the no. 1 cosmetics chain on the island with 14 stores in premium locations in Cyprus and is planning further expansion.

Distribution Facilities & Technological Infrastructure

2002:  PharmacyLine distribution and repacking company was founded to further expand the organization’s operations. It is currently a leading import and distribution company of pharmaceutical products, which also offers logistic and relevant services to numerous local and international companies. At its cutting edge distribution centre, the biggest one of its kind in Cyprus, PharmacyLine offers repacking facilities certified by the Cyprus health authorities but also by the European Union. 
2010: In addition to the PharmacyLine Distribution Centre, the organization also built a new, state-of-the-art distribution centre for consumer products in Dali, just outside Nicosia, to replace its old distribution centre. 
2014: Companies C.A. Papaellinas Ltd and ELGEKA announce their strategic cooperation on 3rd logistics party in Cyprus. With this agreement, C.A. Papaellinas acquires 40% of the share capital of Diakinisis Logistics Services (CY) Ltd, which is controlled 100% by ELGEKA through Elgeka Cyprus Ltd, while the Diakinisis Logistics Services (CY) Ltd undertakes the storage and distribution of C.A. Papaellinas 's consumer goods (Kleenex, Nannys, Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Douwe Egberts, Lucozade etc.).