Retail Outlets

In 1997, C.A.Papaellinas expanded into retailing with the creation of the Beauty Line chain of cosmetics and fragrances. Beauty Line is today the no.1 cosmetics chain on the island, with 14 stores in premium locations all over Cyprus and plans for further expansion.  
A few years later, in 2010, our company expanded its retailing operations further with the creation of HealthLine. HealthLine operates the Holland & Barrett franchise of health foods and natural remedies in Cyprus. There are currently 10 Holland & Barrett stores in Cyprus and there are plans for further expansion in the imminent future. 
In 2013, C.A.Papaellinas acquired the distribution of the Yves Rocher brand, the no. 1 cosmetics brand in France. The Yves Rocher brand is the only global cosmetics brand which controls the entire life cycle of its 700 products, from the plant to the skin of its 30 million clients in over 90 countries. There are currently 4 Yves Rocher stores across the island. 

Benefits Loyalty Card

In 1997, the Beauty Line chain launched its first loyalty scheme. Its major objective was to create long-term customer relationships and improve service through the collection and analysis of important information regarding customer needs and concerns. The Beauty Line Card was one of the strongest loyalty schemes in the market, with exclusive privileges and over 180,000 members.
In 2015, in order to maximize the benefits of our customers, Beauty Line loyalty card is replaced by the new Benefits loyalty card. The new loyalty card ensures all the existing benefits our customers have already and offers additional privileges to more than 30 stores across Cyprus. Specifically, loyalty customers can enjoy the Benefits card privileges at Beauty Line, Yves Rocher, Holland & Barrett, Selekt and Make-Up Studio stores.